Glass Film

Introducing a glass protection like no other

An Invisible Force Of Protection Llumar Magnum films are made with layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives. Easily installed to the interior of new glass. Or existing glass, the films forms an almost invisible shield that holds glass shards intact when a pane breaks. This can effectively reduce flying glass related injuries that can result from everything from a hurricane or earthquake tremor to a terrorist attack. Various levels of film protection are available to address different hazard levels.


Protection Without Sacrificing Aesthetics

Keep Out Of Harmful UV Rays

Llumar Magnum Safety and Security Film benefits don’t prelude aesthetic considerations. The Magnum series provides optically clear film without distortion and without a yellowed, cloudy, or frosty overcast.

Llumar’s solar versions are impregnated with absorbers that block up to 99 % of the sun’s harmful UV rays – dangerous perpetrators that can fade and deteriorate furnishings and displays. It can even block excessive glare that can distort retail displays or impede Office productivity.

Helps Holds Shattered Glass Together

Save Energy

All Llumar Magnum films provide a safety factor through the unique adhesive bond to the glass. Even the thinnest of films will form a tough barrier which will help hold shattered glass in place.


Weather it is an intruder trying to beak in, a weather problem, or a household accident, Llumar Magnum Film provides a protective barrier which helps reduce personal injury and property loss.


No Film can guarantee 100% protection against the elements and against determined criminals, but Llumar Magnum Film can dramatically reduce damage and injury from these hazards. Llumar Magnum Films have passed a wide array of testing protocol.


Llumar Magnum Films are well know for their energy efficiency. The Magnum series offers combination films which provide the high heat rejection properties of the most energy efficient films with the added degree of protection that safety films off. Films with up to 79%heat rejection are available.

Introducing a glass protection like no other

Llumar Magnum Films are installed directly to the interior side of the glass as a retrofit product. Installation of Llumar Magnum Films causes minimal disruption to interior activities and many times can be accomplished during off hours. Some films may require an attachment system in certain circumstances.

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